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  • Upcoming Changes
    Posted by Trader1 November 2, 2011

    FXChatter is excited about the new changes we are in the process of making. FXChatter will become a platform on which you will be able to trade both live and demo. Upon becoming a member you will have access to our daily and longer term forecasts as well as the actual trades that we are taking here. You will also have access to education and training on proven forex strategies. Please look for these upcoming changes in the very near future and sign up for your new trading account.

Understanding Fundamentals and the concept of Capital Flows can help you to succeed in day or longer term currency trading. Each and every day trillions of dollars flow into different markets, which result in the rise and fall of currencies. Using this information to help insure that your technical trades coincide with the flow of money can help take the mystery out of currency trading.